Talking Points and Hearing Guide (click here)

This document will answer all your questions about how to effectively participate at the Coastal Commission meeting in Santa Monica on November 14th, including driving directions, parking, timing and how to be an effective participant.

Attend Coastal Commission Hearing Nov 14th.  

We need people to attend the hearing to stop seismic testing on the Central Coast!  They are planning to do the same thing at San Onofre and this will set the precedent.

Click here to see “call to action” and please circulate to your friends.  

Urge the California Coastal Commission to Reject Dangerous Seismic Testing

Seismic testing can have devastating impacts on ocean ecosystems. Imagine a bomb exploding every 15 seconds, 24 hours a day, for weeks on end!

Click here to send a message to the California Coastal Commission opposing this destructive plan. 



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