Sound Waves

PG&E’s fault line research could blast marine mammals with sound

Marine mammals including whales, dolphins, seals and sea otters that live and migrate along the Central California coast could be in for some mind-rattling commotion come November if Pacific Gas & Electric Co. receives clearance next month for a controversial research project. California’s largest electric company is seeking permits to conduct high-energy and possibly harmful seismic testing in the waters just offshore of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in San Luis Obispo County.  Here more here.



PG&E’s Seismic Survey: The Opposition


In June 2011, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) announced that they would be applying to conduct a high-energy offshore seismic survey off the coast of San Luis Obispo. PG&E hopes that this survey might help to prevent a nuclear disaster at their Diablo nuclear plant similar to that which occurred in Fukushima, Japan last year. Similar seismic testing has been done in several other parts of the world and has been associated with the disruption of marine wildlife by some experts.

The Surfrider Foundation recently began a campaign opposing this testing. Stefanie Sekich-Quinn, California Policy Manager for Surfrider says that the organization thought long and hard about the proposed testing before taking a stance. “We wanted to be very mindful about how we approached this, but unfortunately the more we started digging, the more we found that really gave us huge concerns.

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NRC claims that Diablo Canyon can withstand quake on newly found fault

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a report concluding that Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant could withstand an earthquake from the Shoreline Fault.

The report comes nearly four years after the fault was discovered running just offshore of the plant and confirms analysis released by plant owner PG&E in January 2011. The report concludes that ground motion that would be produced by a quake along the Shoreline Fault would be within the existing design limits based on a quake from the larger Hosgri Fault, which is farther offshore.

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