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Background Information:

1. Opposition Letters:

A. DCCP Coastal Act violations fact sheet (.pdf)

B.  Group opposition letter

D. CA Coastal Protection Network Opposition Letter

D. NRDC Opposition Letter

D-1. NRDC Seismic Sources of Uncertainty

D-2. IPRP NRDC Response

E. Surfrider Foundation Opposition Letter

F-1. Sierra Club Supplemental Comments Letter

F-2. Sierra Club Comments re DCCPP

G. Otter Project Opposition Letter


2. Coastal Commissions Historic Role in Addressing Intense Underwater Acoustic Projects

3A. Marine Life Impacts

3B. Seismic Impacts on Marine Life – Weilgart

3C. FEIR 4.4 Tables

3D. Sea Otter Take Numbers

3E. NRDC Fact Sheet Seismic Surveys

3F. Impacts from Seismic Airguns on Fisheries

4. Impacts to MPAs

5A. Commercial Fishing Impacts

5B. FEIR 0.3 Section II Intro pp. 16-17

6. Recreational Impacts

7. Lack of Need for Project

8. Legal Authority

9. Alternative Quieter Technologies




Why does Surfrider oppose this project?

View recent testimony at the Coastal Commission to find out why.

Where else can I learn more?

Go here to read our comment letter to the Coastal Commission.

3.) Who else opposes this project?

This is project is opposed by many ocean conservation groups in the state. Go here to see who.

Check out this video from Kyle Thiermann at Surfing for Change explaining the impacts

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